Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kace and stuff!!

Hello all... not too much going on this summer, just being a mom and a wife and working! Jesse is working is tail off and loving it!

Kace has become quiet the BMX rider! He is fearless which makes it that much better. He is doing tricks and jumping jumps. He loves to go to the BMX/skate park and show the teenage boys how its done! He dropped into a half pipe off of a 6 foot ledge... and it was like he was a PRO! This kid rocks if I do say so myself! :) Not too sure where he gets it from though. Must be the Beckwith gene, because I know for fact it isnt the Crist one!!

Pics to come soon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun, Food, and Fireworks... ALREADY??

I can’t believe next weekend will already be the 4th of July! Time for fun food and fireworks! WOHO!!

So update on Jesse’s knee… he didn’t hurt his knee… he broke his leg! YES, my husband Mr. ADHD himself, broke his fibula, right below his knee cap. I guess it was just a small fracture and he is now in physical therapy three times a week. Oh, and he just LOVES it! LOL!!

Im super excited for the summer season to finally be upon us. In my world this means Rodeo season! And while I don’t compete anymore, I love to go and watch and see old friends. I love attending the queening competitions and just seeing what is out there these days. Some good… some not so good!

So that’s all for now! Until we meet again…

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is it really June?

So here we are in June... but from the weather, you would swear it was March or April! The weather has been really crummy, and rainy! Today is beautiful, and should be almost 80!

Jesse is back working full time, although he hurt his knee yesterday. I think he is going to go have it looked at today, so well see what happens there!

Kace is getting crazier and crazier every day! That boy is terrefied of a moth, but will build ramps and jump his BMX and scooter off of them! He has NO fear of getting hurt! His hair is super long... and needs a cut, BAD, but I just cant bring myself to cut those curls! He is in daycare/preschool and getting smarter every day! He reminds me of me! Im in for a world of crap as soon as he gets older. He really is a super sweet guy and we love him! He loves to hang out at nana and gramps's house and ride his bike and scooter with Sam, he also loves the hot tub! He keeps asking me when we are going to get one! LOL!! Not anytime soon!

Work is just work. Every day brings on a new batch of crazy callers and people! Makes my days interesting! My health is good, for now. I will have a check up this summer and we will re-evaluate everything. I would really like to put off surgery for at least another 6-10 years. Will I be able to. Probobly not. I think we are looking at 3-5 years. Argh! Oh well, until they tell me I have to go in I will just live my life day to day, take my meds, and be the best mom and wife I can be!

OH... My office is going to start a Biggest Loser competition! There is some good money involved... Who doesnt want some free money! So I will be posting pictures soon of me now... and all of my progress along the way. According to my height I will need to lose 60 pounds. So, wish me luck!! My only problem is excercise. Because of my heart... I can excersise, but I have to be very careful, and NOT raise my heart rate too much or too fast. Im thinking I will have to control my weight with food and walking.

So that is all for now! Have a good week!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here comes summer!!

So, June is upon us... and the weather is getting warm! Ok, its HOT!! A nice rain storm all day yesterday, but hey, now I dont have to water my lawn! So Kace is officially a 4 year old... WOW, I wish I could say life is easier with a 4 year old, but NO... not so much! Once the year wears on and he "grows up" a bit things might change. He will start Kin. in the fall of 2010! Thats hard to believe! Jesse is back working, well sort of! They had a good two weeks, now they are stalled. But he was happy to be back in the woods. In his past life he must have been a mountain man... or a mountain goat! I am just working, working, working... and being a mom! That is a full time job in itself! We adopted a new dog. Her name is Sadie. She is... well... we dont really know. LOL! We believe she is half rat terrier half Chihuahua. But really its anyones guess. She is 8 years old and very sweet! Kace LOVES her, sometimes a little TOO much! But she is very good with him. We have spent the last few weekends camping with our dirt bike club Dirt Inc. getting ready for and helping with The Idaho City 100. It is a two-day AMA (American Motorcycle Association) International Six Day Enduro Qualifier event. Off-road motorcyclist come together and test their skills against mother nature's mountains. This year there were over 350 riders, and Dirt Inc. was responsible for a 3 mile stretch called the grass track. 3 miles might not sound like too much... but winding through the hills of Idaho City... it is LONG! It was totally awesome to be a part of it!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So im not very good at the blog thing... Im trying though!! One of these days I will even add some photos! LOL. Life is good and busy. Jesse is still not back to work yet. Things were looking good then we heard that it is going to snow above 6000 feet today. So... not sure what is going to happen. May is fast approaching, and as many of you know that is our BUSY month. Mothers day May 10, Mother in law's birthday, my dads birthday on the 14th, Jesse's on the 17th, Kaces on the 20th... and lots more inbetween!! June is looking pretty busy as well, baby showers and birthdays! Im hitting the ground running!

Kace will be 4 in May... I cant believe it. My little boy is 4!! Before I know it he will be 14, and want nothing to do with us! I really dont want to think of 10 years down the road, I will be 37. YIKES!

My new niece was born on April 8th, Holly Margaret Curry, She is a little cutie with reddish hair! Kate is doing well, trying to learn the ropes of mother hood... as we all have!

Until next time! Toodles!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New year... new me... new stuff

Christmas was good... Kace was spoiled, I got a couple great things as did Jesse. Jesse is laid off right now, cant be a logger with 6 feet of snow on the ground! So, he is keeping himself pretty busy around the house. He was given a snowblower, and now that is has snowed again, he is busily out snowblowing EVERYTHING, and EVERYONES sidewalks and driveways! He loves it!! I am working, this week is going to be long, the first full week in 2 weeks (ouch) Kace is getting so big... and so smart, everyday he just blows my mind with something new he has learned. He is growing up so fast, he will be 4 in May (where has the time gone)

Jesse and I will be turning 27 this year. I really dont feel that "old" I always thought after 25 things would be different... Im not sure how, but I did :)

Kace and I had the opportunity to go to San Diego the beginning of December. That was an adventure to say the least!! I got to experience RUNNING through the Seattle airport, and almost missing my flight, all with Kace in tow! But San Diego was good, got to go to Seaworld, the Zoo and the beach. We also got to see all of Jesse's family while we were down there. It was an experience I wont soon forget!!

So I have deceided to start telling my family story... growing up, history, I guess the past, present and future. I guess a part of it to figure out and deceide who I am. I am Shay, but who is that really. So stay tuned for more on "ME"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DEMO... at work! Holidays, I hate the holiday

Ok, so things are getting crazy around the office... I am now sitting at a little desk in the lobby area and as of tonight my current (very large... nice) desk will be sitting in the dumpster, then in a few weeks a new one will be erected! Sounds like fun huh. NOT SO MUCH!! How long will I be stuck in the lobby you might be asking yourself,(I know... you all care so much) we don't know, all projects are supposed to be done by Feb 11th. That's 7 weeks, if I'm stuck at this little desk for 7 weeks, I'm going to go NUTS!!!!!

Now, onto the holidays... I HATE the holidays, mostly because my parents are divorced and I have in-laws. I love my in-laws, I just hate having to visit 3 houses in one day! ARGH!!!

So, with Christmas fast approaching (2 days) I find myself with a headache that will not go away, stress... probably... but I will get through it, then onto 2009!! WOHO, hopefully that year will be as great as this one!

Toddles for now!